Surface Pro

My main computer at work is Microsoft Surface Pro. With Intel i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB storage. And, of course, the pen.

The main reason for this choice is the pen and inking. Both in education and in research I like to draw figures. But not in papers, since they will be always lost. For notes I use the OneNote; all my research and education notes are in notebooks.

Surface is not the most powerful computer. But for my work it is the best compromise in my opinion. It is also lightweight, which is always a plus.

In my office I have Surface connected to a docking station. And through that I have connection to an external display, a keyboard, and a mouse. Also I have Logitech web cam for the video calls. And Jabra headset for video calls and recording teaching videos. Also a couple of usb cables to connect and charge my mobile phones.

In the classrooms I connect my Surface to a projector. I don’t use black or white boards, but I do all my drawings with Surface into OneNote which is shared with my students.