Story: What I have with me when hiking

Short walks outdoors is different than long ones. Here is what I have then with me. Based on my short snowshoeing example today.

A knife (“puukko”): That is always hanging from my belt when I go for outdoor activities. I use this when making fire. Easier to light fire if you make woodchips than using just bulk wood. Also, I made wood sticks to heat sausages on fire, opening the package, etc.

Matches: Those I have almost always in my pocket, so I will not forget those. In a plastic bag, so they will stay dry. Actually I have two boxes.

Leatherman: Just in case. A nice set of tools.

Snowshoes: There is enough snow in the forests now. Much easier to walk with snowshoes if there are no paths.

A backpack. Not too large, just enough to put everything needed in there.

A coffee pot. When hiking I want to make my coffee on open fire. Always the best moment having fresh coffee from wooden cup, or “kuksa.”

Water: Yes, there is snow that can be melted, but that will take time. Easier to take some water with me.

A first aid kit: Good to have always with you in the backpack. Accidents can happen.

Cloaths and shoes: Just enough, but not too much. When walking it is not wise to sweat too much; otherwise it will be too cold when stoping.

A mobile phone. I use it to take photos. And I have a map software in it. Just in case if I get lost. At the moment I have there both Maastokartat and Locus apps; both with good Finnish topography maps.

A map: Although I have maps in my mobile, I also like to have printed maps. Batteries don’t last too long time in mobiles. And I also want train my reading of maps. This time I had a map printed from

Garmin Forerunner 225: to record my track with gps. I ofter try to check afterwards what was my track. To see if I was where I though to be. Good way to check if my map reading was correct or not.

Some food. Very ofter sausages. Simple enough.

After the trip I can say that nothing was missing.