Story: Vekarus

Today was a nice day: Soma days ago we have about -30 deg C, but now only -5. So, good weather for outdoor activities.

Today we visited in Vekarus. It is in Joensuu city, but tens of kilometers away from it center. In a small village called Öllölä. That is one of the coolest names in Finland.

The route is quite short: About 1 km on the one side of river Kotajoki, then over the bridge to the other side, back, and over another bridge. One can find it in web site

There was snow quite a lot, but still there was a good path. One can walk without snowshoes, but with those walkinw is easier.

There are three rapids in the river in this route. Not very big ones, but still nice. And at each rapid there is a fire place.

We did not take the both sides of the river. We walked first on the south-east side to Myllykoski and had fire there. However, water was at very high level and we thought that there could be water on the route on the other side. So, we returned the same way we arrived.

We found two very beautiful details; thanks to open water and cold weather.

Since there is a lot of moisture in air and it was really cold some days ago, it was frozen in a beautiful way to the trees near the river. Also, there were nice frozen spider webs in the fire place because of the same reason.

The menu today was: Sausages, hot chocolate, coffee, and chocolate bars. Served two meters away from the rapid.