Story: the 4th reality of science

If you have seen our Sm4rtLab, you have also seen the slogan “The 4th reality of science.” Ever thought what is the story behind it?

The story started when we were preparing the visual outlook and the logo of Sm4rtLab. Our partner there has been Nitroid. A perfect choice, in my opinion.

When we prepared the logo, they came up with the idea in “4r” emphasized with colors instead of boring “ar”. The visual impression was great.

But then came the obvious question: What is the message of that “4r”? For AR it would be (too obvious) Augmented Reality. At first we had no idea. But then JT of our UEF team simply said “why not the 4th reality?”

I recognized immediately that it is excellent. And we started to discuss about it. Namely, it gave more questions than answers. Like “What does it mean?” or “What are the other three?” But we decided to forget those nasty details for a moment.

Now one might think that what was the value of those “4r” that Nitroid emphasized if the explanation came from our team. But I think that they did the biggest job.

The most valuable are not those who can give obvious answers but those who can make us to ask the important questions. I mean, the obvious facts are just facts. Without feelings.

But the great questions that launch our curiosity are those that will be the driving forces. The curiosity is also the most important driving force of science. Without curiosity there will not be any science.

So, this empasized “4r” launched us to ask questions we where then thinking a lot. Those were the greatest “4r” I have ever faced. Excellent job!

So, the 4th reality of science became one our main messages in Sm4rtLab. Reading even in the door of the laboratory.

Back to the questions. What are the three other realities? That was then my job to create a story for that. And when you visit in our Sm4rtLab, I promise to tell you that story.