Story: Snowshoeing at Koli

For Finnish people Koli is one of those real Finnish sceneries. I mean, if one sees a photo taken in Koli, most people will recognize it. That is why a lot of people visits there in the summer time.

However, I think that Koli is even more beautiful at the winter time. Contrast between the summer view and the winter view is dramatic – as almost always in Finland.

Today I was snowshoeing at Koli. I started my hiking (as always) from Nature Center Ukko. There you can also snowshoes if you don’t have your own. And they will tell where to find the starting point of the route.

The route is marked well with orange tapes. Easy to follow. The route does not follow the summer time paths. So, the views are a bit different.

There was a lot of fog today. It was not possible to see Lake Pielinen which is what people come to see at the summer time. But, in my opinion, the most marvelous things at the winter time are the trees – they are full of snow!

The feeling is really spooky – in a beautiful way. Silence and trees like ghosts.

I can really recommend this experience. But note that at this time of year darkness comes early. At 4p.m. it was already dark, but then I was in Ukko have a cup of coffee.