Story: Skiing on the ice

After a busy week at work, this weekend was for resting. So, today it was a good day to go for skiing on the lake near our house.

We live just about 150m distance from lake Suur-Onkamo. Therefore it is not a too big project to go skiing there. And maybe that is the reason why this was the first time in this winter. Even though the ice seems to be already strong enough for driving a car on it.

I thought that weather would be nice, but it appears that it is not perfect. Although the temperature was just -8 deg C, rather strong wind made it a bit chilly.

And when I was skiing, I remembered why I don’t actually like that much normal cross-country skiing. The shoes that are needed for the skiing are awful.

They are such rigid that the foot inside it will not move. And that makes them cold: Without movement there is not enough blood circulation. Which mean cold.

So, if I would need to make longer tours with skiing, I would need skis that suits better when moving in the nature. And can be used with more comfortable shoes. I have been looking for suitable skis, but not yet found.

One nice surprise was that recently someone has brought a new geocache into the island we visited and set our fire. Easy to find but quite a nice cache.

Our dog also had a new experience: pulling the skier on the ice. That seemed to be fun. And also hard work. We have plans to buy a sledge that either we or our dog can pull. Much easier in the winter time than carrying everything in a backpack. Good suggestions are welcome.

This was also again a good change to test my Garmin Gpsmap 64s. I then uploaded the track to Paikkatietoikkuna. No problems. It seems to work well. Good to know – I like the feeling that I can trust that device before going into more remote areas.

And have to say: After a skiing trip, even a short one, the warm sauna is the best one can get!

PS: The nature can show beautiful details in the winter. Thanks to ice and snow. This photo I took in yesterday.