Story: Riisitunturi

I think that Riisitunturi is one of the most beautiful places in Finland. Maybe even number one in the wintertime.

It is located in Posio, near the border of Kuusamo. Easy to find no matter in which direction one is coming from.

During the wintertime Riisitunturi is really fascinating place. Due to the local climate, there is (almost) always a LOT of snow in the trees. Especially near the top of Riisitunturi the trees look like ghosts.

During the wintertime one can reach Riisitunturi either by snowshoeing or by skiing. With snowshoes it will be about 1.5 km from the parking place. With skiing one can either start from the same parking place, or from Tolva village. From Tolva it is about 7km in one direction. But going back there is really fun because of about 5 km almost continuous downhill.

I have visited in Riisitunturi several times. Both with showshoeing, skiing, and also by hiking during the summertime. Once I have also spent one night in the hut near the top. The hut is far from luxorous, as one can expect. Staying there is free.

Riisitunturi seems to be very popular place; every time there has been several other people. Many of them have said that they come frequently. I am not surprised.

The photo at the top of the page has taken near the top of Riisitunturi. It is a small pond which seems to end suddenly. Behind that one can see some lakes, as always in Finland.

From the top of Riisitunturi there is a beautiful view: On one side lakes, fjelds on the other.

There are several marked routes in Riisitunturi region to walk. But especially kn the wintertime note than snow can easily hide the footprints and route marks.

Some remarks: In the wintertime there is really a winter. Which can mean sunshine, snow, storms, fog, anything. And darkness comes early in the wintertime. Be prepared. On the other hand, I have seen beautiful aurora borealis photos taken there.

Also, it is located in a national park. Which means that there are certain rules one needs to follow.