Story: Riisitunturi with

As I have told earlier, Riisitunturi is one of the most beautiful places in Finland in my opinion. So, here it comes again – in a bit different format.

I have found some time ago the is quite interesting service. It allows one to use the excellent maps of National Land Survey of Finland, and even build layers myself onto those maps.

In this embedded map I combined two maps; one showing the landscape, and another making 3D shading effect. And top of that I draw my favorite route there. This one is a good choice for snowshoeing in my opinion.

I also market a few points. If you click those marks, you can see information to pop-up. I also attached there some links and some photos I have taken in Riisitunturi.

I can make several own layers, and choose which one I will share. Also, I can publish the map in my own web page as I did above. Also, one can print the map; either pdf or png file.

One can also import gps data to the maps. Seems to work quite well. Below is a picture where I have a included also the last route I did with showshoes at Riisitunturi (green line). The data is exported from my Garmin Forerunner 225.

There were some odd with importing data: First, it must be packed into a zip file. And, when the data was imported into a map, I was not able to print the map into a png file.

And as you can see: Snowshoes allows one to walk a bit different routes that what one can do in the summertime. I like that.