Story: Pyhä-Luosto

A couple of weeks ago we had a winter holiday week in Eastern Finlend schools. We spent that in Pyhä-Luosto region in southern Lapland.

We hired a cottage just a few kilometers from Pyhätunturi, in Kiimaselkä region. From the backyard it was a beautiful view to Noitatunturi fell.

I was very pleased to see the excellent conditions of skiing tracks. We were skiing on several day. Mainly with low speed and watching the landscape.

The snowshoeing trails, on the other hand, were not so great. The snow was so soft tht even with good snowshoes it was really hard to walk without any tracks. In Luosto region the snowshoeing trails were a bit better – including climbing to the top on Pikku-Luosto fell.

This 360 panorama photo I took with Ricoh Theta S.

Pyhä-Luosto region looks really fascinating. My plan is to go back there and do the hiking from Luosto to Pyhä, about 35 km. Most probably on the summer time; in winter time some parts are too dangerous.

Below is the planned route for hiking; made with Let’s see when this will take place…