Story: Photo with a filter

I took the photo above in yesterday. I was snowshoeing, weather was nice. About -23 deg C. Not too cold with proper clothing. Especially because there was no wind at all.

It was around noon, but the Sun is at very low even then at this latitude. And that makes the sunlight quite orange.

That is just physics: The atmosphere scatters more shorter wavelengths (blue light) than longer wavelengths (red light). And that is why the sky is blue. And the Sun looks orange or even red when it is low and light travels longer path in the atmosphere.

As always, my eyeglasses started to freeze. When I look south, I realized that the ice in my glasses causes funny scattering and generated a colorful “halo” effect.

so, I took my glasses off and took a photo through them with my mobile phone. The result was quite fun. No post processing except cropping.