Story: Pasi Vahimaa everywhere

Even though I sometimes take 360 panorama photos with Ricoh Theta S, I ask my friend, professional photographer Rami Saarikorpi to help me if good quality panoramas are needed. This is what can happen then.

Once I was thinking with Rami that maybe we could take a bit different panorama in a lecture room in our university. It was a couple of weeks before my lectures on Quantum Physics were supposed to start.

And then we thought that we could make something that is related to the philosophy of the quantum physics. And quite obvious choice is uncertainty and probability.

So, we decided to make a panorama where I am in multiple positions in the classroom. Like a superposition state before the collapse of the wave function, if you prefer old-fashioned quantum physics jargon.

So, Rami took a large set of photos with his panorama camera system. I was jumping from place to place. The whole session took maybe only 15 minutes.

Later on the same day Rami showed me the panorama, you can find it in HERE in 360Cities.

Indeed, multiple me (plus one Rami). And also I was in the smart board image; that is a combination of some photos taken earlier. The title really describes the content this time.

We have taken also some other panoramas with Rami – I will tell later. And definitely we will continue this…