Story: New Surface in use

Before Christmas I had an accident with my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 at work. The display went broken and I needed a replacement device. Today I got a new one (meanwhile I had a temporary device). This kind of possible accident is the main reason why I like to use cloud service.

I have all my work files in Office365 work account and my private files (like photos) in my personal account. I mean all. I don’t save any files in my computer except the synchronization for the offline use.

So, when new Surface arrived, I just connected it to my accounts with OneDrive. And added my accounts to Outlook.

The whole process – including login to some other online services – took about 15 minutes. No files were lost.

Of course, I must also thank our IT Services; they have made this all possible. This is the way how IT services should be arranged to that I can focus on research and education!

BTW: It took that desktop photo myself in Lapland. I like that photo!