Story: My head went virtual

3D modeling has become very important. Especially because there are now nice devices to watch the models, like Microsoft HoloLens. I have had a nice test on how 3D models can be done and viewed. Using my own head as an example.

This started some months ago when I was introduced to Toivo Ylinampa. He is a photographer who generates 3D models. And not just any 3D models, but truely photorealistic models.

So, we had a session where he took some hundreds of photos of my head. With some ordinary camera. From all directions.  From these photos he generated this model.

I uploaded this model into my Sketchfab account. And it seemed to be surprisingly simple to embed this in here. Which is important: I can then prepare pages where different formats are available without jumping between pages.

The quality of the model is surprisingly good. Of course, the quality depends on the number of photos taken. Taking those photos was about 10 minutes, I think. Which is a LONG time to not to move. I hope that Toivo will find the funding for his idea how to make this radically faster.

Also I has able to upload it to my mobile and rotate it in here. This is the screen capture of it:

Of course, my head is not that interesting object for 3D model. But one can easily find a huge set of possibilities. Like in biology to learn birds, mushrooms, flowers, whatever. Or in my own field: Having 3D models of, e.g., crystal lattices in Material Physics, which makes understanding of complex structures easier.

It is also cool that one can use the same 3D models both with web based services (like Sketchfab), even with mobile, or bring those into virtual or mixed reality. Here is an example how I was able to watch my head flying in my office with HoloLens:

I would say that this very realistic modeling would give huge amount of interesting possibilities also in education. But as always, it is not enough that one can make the models. Even more important is to have good platforms to present them online. Like Sketchfab.