Story: Lazy man taking photos

I am lazy. Especially when taking photos. Normally I use just my mobile phone to take photos. And normally I don’t edit those except possible cropping.

Still I am sometimes happy with the photos I have managed to take. Here some examples with my thoughts how to capture something that makes at least me to be satisfied.

1. Open your eyes even at home.

Sometimes it is too easy to go too far away from home. But even there I sometimes find something new. This is taken in our sauna, where I am almost every day. Putting a candle in the right place and shutting down all other lights can make an additional level of emotion. The challenge was how to manage to capture it with my mobile. Took some extra work, but I managed.

2. Use light.

Even at the daylight it might be funny to let the photo be under-exposured. This photo I took while walking in the forest at noon. When I tried to take a photo with proper exposure it was rather boring. But making it darker brought the Sun to be more powerful.

3. White balance is allow to be wrong.

Once again, the “correct” photo was boring. Just white. Letting the white balance to be incorrect it made blue feeling, which suits to winter in my opinion. It was not that “blue moment” one can see around the sunset, just incorrect white balance.

4. Wait.

Sometimes taking just one photo is not enough. Here I waited maybe almost half an hour taking photos and then I selected the one where colors were the most beautiful. All other photos taken then I removed. A lot of work and still one photo left.

5. Colors.

Playing with colors can be nice. Here all happened by accident. There were a lot of pollen in water, a green boat on the beach, and I had left my shoes also there. When I turned to see I felt that I need to take a photo. I really like that yellow-orange-green combination.

6. Keep your eyes open when optics plays.

Once again, all happened by accident. I was in Tallinn, taking a glass on white wine. When looking through the glass I saw the image inverted. Nothing magical, just optics. But really worth of taking a photo.

7. Fire works.

Funny, but it seems that the best photos while hiking I get when making coffee. Somehow that combination of open fire and black coffee pot inspires me. Then if there is some open water, the feeling is right.

8. The summer is fine, the autumn the best

I like the summer. It is warm and beautiful. However, Finnish nature becomes even better during the autumn. Then the colors are not just flowers, but the whole nature.

9. Don’t always plan too much

This photo I took in Lapland. We climbed to some hill and I just took a photo, without planning. Then when I came back home I realized that this was actually the photo I liked the most. Better than those I really tried to look good.