Story: How to fool your brains in 3D

In my previous post I told how I have a 3D model of my head. With that I can show a quite nice way to fool your brains.

So, I have the 3D model in Sketchfab. The model is simply a set of triangles forming the shape together with an image mapped on this object formed by the triangles. And these triangles will look the same no matter from which side your are looking at.

The model is open from the bottom side, so one can have a look inside my head. Or at least the model of it.

Of course, when looking from the inside, the surface in “negative.” I mean that, e.g., my nose is not point to you but away from you.

But our brains are funny: they have never seen in real life someone’s faces from inside. Therefore, they always think that you are looking from the outside. Thus, even when you are looking from the wrong side, it looks that the face is looking to you.

I recorded a short video where the model of my head is rotating and you can see “inside.” Looks spooky in my opinion…