Story: Flipped classroom, pt 2

I my earlier POST I told how I have started to use flipped classroom method in my courses. Here some more experience what I have got.

When I wrote that previous post, I had just started the course. The feedback was quite good, and it is still.

But first some comments on the technical issues.

As I mentioned, I have used PowerPoint with OfficeMix to prepare the video material. Most of the time it works well. Except that there is some strange issue – possibly with registers. However, I decided NOT to try to fix the issues before I have done all my videos.

For the recordings I have used Jabra Evolve 80 headset. I have been pleased with the quality of the sound. Also, its active noise cancellation makes it quite comfortable to make recordings. I think that the voice recording is something where it is so easy to go wrong. Poor quality makes it annoying to watch videos.

One thing that I have liked is that I have been able to make all recordings in my office. Thanks to the setup I am using. I allows me to modify the material during recording. I mean, if the PowerPoint slide I use has something wrong, I can correct it easily. Or I can add some material without retaking the whole video.

My computer is Microsoft Surface Pro3. It is not very powerful for rendering the video. But that part is just waiting, so it does not matter so much. More important is that I can easily draw myself. Without that it is very difficult to explain physics.

Also one thing that I have noticed: Preparing the material with inking is much faster than preparing, e.g., equations or drawings in other ways. Of course, the quality is not the same. My hand drawing looks like hand drawing. But I accept that and it defines then my own style.

Then the feedback. I made a survey to the students some time ago. Mostly they seem to be happy. The biggest criticism can to the length of the videos. I agree – in future I will make the splitting of the videos. I think that something like 15-20 minutes would be okay. If I go below that it would be difficult to explain more complex content.

During the exercises sessions the students are working in the groups. It has been nice to watch and hear their way to work. The sessions are 1.5. hours, and whole time there is something going on. Their try to find the answers to the problems I have given. And then they might ask me some clarifications and checking if they are correct. So, I walking in the classroom that whole 1.5. hours and discussing. But focusing my explanations to those who need that help.

As I told, I require the students to write the learning diary. I asked them to prepare that in OneNote Class Notebook. And that seemed to be a good idea. When they write that I can really follow that online. Thus I can get feedback what was difficult or interesting. And also then write replies if I see that something has not become clear. This kind of interaction is important in my opinion.

And the best feedbacks that I have obtained have ben those where the students have said that now they understand something that was left unclear in some other course. And then I also see how they are proud and happy that they have found out that understanding.

Thus so far: I am glad I started to work in this way.

And if you are interested in my lectures, there are now all openly available in YouTube: