Story: 360 panoramas simply

I have played with 360 panorama photos and videos now for some time. Here some thoughts I have about those

I have used mainly Ricoh Theta S panorama camera. It is so simple to use that even I can use it.

My main concern has been what to do with the photos. I have used to share my panoramas as well as Facebook. Both are again simple enough; I can upload those directly from my mobile.

But in a more professional use the photos should be able to kept in my own site. Today I tested this plugin to embed the photos in this my own page.

Seems towork almost fine with my Android phone. But this this page cannot be viewed properly with my Lumia 950. I am not surprised… But this problems are quite typical with panorama photos: The tools are not reliable. Here also problems with Chrome browser.

This panorama has been taken in our electron-beam lithography laboratory. And this gives some idea where panorama photos can be useful.

This laboratory is one of those places in our university where extra people are not welcome. Simply because the quality of the work: More people means more possible dust or contamination in the fabrication processes.

The panorama photos provide to the external people possibility to have some idea what we have.

Maybe someday I will use some software like Pano2vr to add hotspots and information into this photo. To give more information.

The second example is the photo I took also with Ricoh – the Milkyway seen from my yard.

360 starmaps are nice examples of possible new teaching materials.

But this photo demonstrates also this my non-professional photography. Too much noise to have good quality photo. The quality of Ricoh is not good enough.

This can be overcome, of course, with the help of the true professional panorama photographers like Rami Saarikorpi.

But one could do even more. I think that one can achieve more value when different format are combined.

In this last panorama I use a combination of panorama and 3D models to build a bit different panorama photo.

I took a panorama with Ricoh Theta S. Then, I imported it into the skymap in a Unity scene. Then, the red surface is a 3D terrain form photographed by Sami Vuomajoki, the owner of FlyFoto.

Then, I prepared 3D objects in Unity, including that cylinder with my photo on it (thanks Rami Saarikorpi for my portrait).

Finally, I used panorama photo taking asset in Unity to take the panorama photo inside the Unity scene.

This kind of combinations of technologies have huge possibilities. Limits set only by my imagination…