Story: 360 panoramas, cont.

In my latest post I gave some thoughts on 360 panorama photos. Here is a story on how I managed to use Pano2vr software to create more information content.

As I described in the previous post (the last example) I used a panorama photo taken with Ricoh Theta S, imported the panorama into Unity, added some 3D material, and then exported the panorama from Unity.

Now I installed Pano2vr demo version, and imported the panorama photo there. To include some additional information I included some hotspots. When one moves the cursor onto the hotspots, a short description is given. And in two places (the door and the Sm4rtLab logo) there are links to my home page and Sm4rtLab, respectively.

Pano2vr software then creates an output file, that provides a stand alone web page. Which I then imported to my site.

The resulting panorama can be found HERE. This opens in a new window.

So, one can easily create quite a flexible set of tours. Including information on the details, or even include advertising, if needed.