Some of my favorite songs, vol 1

Nobody asked, but still here some of my favorite songs. Just in random order. Links to YouTube videos, if you like to check the songs yourself.

Lynyrd Skynyrd: Free bird

My long time favorite. A beautiful combination of piano and several guitars. When I was young I was inspired by that slide guitar. Also, the guitar solos at the end are cool. Nothing technically marvelous but really rocking.

And also the words are beautiful.

Uriah Heep: Easy livin’

Rock can be simple. This really hit me when I heard at the first time. Like running with full speed through the whole song. But still sounds so easy.

Motörhead: Ace of spades

Another simple rock song. The just start to bang your head. Kicks always. Proves that rock can be played loud. Or must.

Piirpauke: Konevitsan kirkonkellot

I have always been fascinated how Piirpauke musicians can take a simple melody and turn it to something else. World music in its real meaning

Derek and the Dominos: Layla

Eric Clapton is here great, but Duane Allman even greater. The second part is to me even better than the first part. Beautiful combination of piano and slide guitar.

Dead Kennedys: Nazi punks fuck off

Well, there is a message and they shout it out clearly. Nothing to add. Simple as punk should be.

Rammstein: America

Nice combination and critical message. Also the video rocks.