Review: Ricoh Theta S

I have tested Ricoh Thera S panorama camera now in various ways. Have to say that it is a really cool panorama camera for non-professional use.

If you like to have professional 360 panorma photos, ask Rami Saarikorpi. I use his help when I need better quality.

The size and the shape of the Ricoh Theta Scamera are perfect. Fits into my pocket. Therefore good also when hiking.

I also like tht I can contol it with my mobile (Sony Xperia Z5 Compact). I can adjust the parametrs, and also the images are automatically loaded into my mobile. I really like it, because then I can also upload the panorama images into Facebook or other services. No extra work is requied, just take a photo and upload.

The camera has two wide field-of-view cameras, and the photos are stitched automatically. No big problems with that. The camera is clipped away entirelly, but its location is not edited. So, small error there as you can see in the photo above where I had the camera in my hand.

Ricoh Theta S records also panorama video. The quality is okay to watch with mobile. Here is an example I recorded in our laboratory.

Panorama videos enables also some fun. Especially if one changes the point of view

For VR use Ricoh Theta has not good enough quality. Photos are almost fine, but the video quality is not good.

And if you want to feel sick with VR do the folowing: record a panorama video while walking and then watch it with VR. Not comfortable at all.

Recording is not everything; some software is also required for watching the photos and videos. It is nice that Facebook and YouTube support panorama nowadays.

Ricoh has its own software available for free. In pc it allows watching photos and videos. The software is not very optimal; it seems to make pc run slowly when watching panoramas.

In mobile it is the same software allows also the mobile phone to be also a remote control.

Ricoh has also online service for panoramas. Works okay. But recently I have started to use It is really user-friendly; also with mobile.

Using mobile as a remote control makes it possible to adjust capturing well. And that is required if one likes to take photos in tougher conditions. Like in dark.

Here is one photo I took with 60 seconds capture time. The red light ribbon was my daughter running with a red light.

Panorama will have a big potential also in science and education since it can offers a better overview in various environments. Like laboratories. The quality of Ricoh Theta S is still fine for those. Here is one photo taken in our laser laboratory where the conditions can be challenging.

One minus I can mention: the camera I have tested ws not my own. But I really consider to buy my own…