Review: Love Mei cover

I think that I am a quite typical mobile phone user: several broken displays. I have drop them, bent them, etc. Now I want to check if my Sony Xperia Z5 Compact can survive.

Yesterday I got Love Mei covers for my mobile. I ordered those from MyTrendyPhone. I made the order on Monday, and they arrived on Thursday by regular mail. Not bad.

The cover contains aluminum parts, some rubber in between, and a glass for dusplay.

Installing was simple. First, open hexagon screws. The tool is inside the covers. You will get it when you open the screws with the second tool taped in the box…

Putting the phone in the covers is simple. Also opening it again, if you forget to clean the display, as I did.

The phone seems to fit well; thanks to the mixed structure of aluminum and soft rubber. No moving if you shake it.

The display is then covered by an extra glass. Seems to have no effect to the performance of the touch screen. Also no problems with the buttons. The headphone and the USB connetors are also covered to make the cover water proof.

Additional cover will, of course has effect to the connectivity. The signal is clearly weaker. This can be minus when hiking; in remote areas networks are typically weaker and an additional dimishing is not welcome.

The cover makes the phone significantly bigger. That is inevitable. The nice thing is that grip is now must better; Sony’s own surface is really slippery. I am interested to see how the material behaves in cold – next week we will have here about -25 deg C. At those temperatures some materials loose their elasticity.

With the cover the mobile phone is remarkably heavier. My Sony’s new weight is about 300 grams. I can really feel the difference. But that is the price one has to pay if hard cover is required.

I have to had yet real tests. Even with covers I don’t want to drop or throw my mobile. But I know that sooner or later it will have this test also.

The price was about 30 euros. Cheaper than replacing a broken display.