Other laptops and mobiles

Although Microsoft Surface is my main device, I also use some other devices. Because of the cloud services, I can reach my files with all of my device.

At home we have three laptops; one old one and two which are really in use. All are Windows 10 devices.

Then I have one cheap HP Stream 7 tablet. It shows that with low price one can not get good quality. The main lack is the insufficient amount of memory. But still I can use it to check how, for example, my lectures looks like in OneNote when used in such device. This has also Windows 10.

Then I have two mobile phones. My work phone is Microsoft Lumia 950. I don’t like it. A lot of problems in Windows 10 in those device. The only good thing is the camera. My personal phone is Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. Much better than Lumia. And it is nice to see that most of Office 365 services works better on Android than in Lumia.

In my Sony I have no Love Mei covers, see my Review.