Mobile and camera

Normally I don’t bring camera with me, except my mobile phones. It is a compromise: I can not then take the highest quality photos, but I neither don’t need to bring any extra devices.

Normally I have two mobiles: My work phone Microsoft Lumia 950 and my personal Sony Xperia Z5 compact. Lumia has better camera, but otherwise it is worse. Some of my photos and a story how I take photos is HERE.

For my personal phone I have now Love Mei protective case, see HERE.

If hiking in remote places it is good to remember that one can not use mobile in all places. The signal is too often too low. One good trick to remember is that if one takes the SIM card off, then one can still make an emergency call, and the phone uses any operator no matter with which one have a contract.

During a longer hiking also the battery will be empty too soon. Sometimes I simply turn off the mobile to make it last longer.