In 2016 we built a new type of laboratory, Sm4rtLab. For that we have now some Microsoft HoloLenses.

Here is an example how we can bring our Sm4rtLab to HoloLens. This is done by Process Genius.

In addition to Sm4rtLab I have also done some testing with the device. I have tested how to create  3D models with Unity game engine such that one can inspect those in with HoloLens.

I think that mixed reality that HoloLens provides has a big role in the education in future. It just requires that the devices should be less expensive.

One example I have tested is the visualization of 3D crystal structures. This could be valuable in my course “Material physics”.

Also I have had some fun when having my head as a 3D object in HoloLens:

I like that I can easily record videos and take photos with HoloLens; they will go automatically to my OneDrive, and no extra work is needed if I want to use those later. Here is one example of the photo I took when presenting our Sm4rtLab.